About NERT
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Welcome to NERT
NERT, or the National Emergency Response Team, was established after Hurricane Andrew in 1993 when thousands of people were left without food,
shelter, and clothing for what seemed to be an extended amount of time. The founding members of NERT saw this as a need that could be met.
Moreover, Americans all over the country could be part of the solution.

Using the experience obtained in the transportation field, NERT founding members conceived and developed "same day delivery" of emergency
services to an area struck by a disaster. From these efforts came the innovative idea of the Emergency Mobile Trailer Unit (EMTU), conversion of
retired but roadworthy trailer units from the truck industry that provide immediate shelter solutions.

The innovations continue today where NERT has expanded to specific focused departments that make it all possible, equipment procurement,
manufacturing, training, gathering of food and clothing, grants, equipment maintenance, and education programs for children and adults. NERT
volunteer members from local communities around the nation are the heart and soul of the organization.

NERT is staffed by volunteers donating their time, talents, and resources, which allows for every charitable contribution to directly assists those in
need. Hundreds of volunteers nationwide, with a wide spectrum of talents, donate their time and energy assisting in a variety of NERT programs.