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What is it?
Maine's highly successful, unique public-private partnership. It sends volunteer teams to “winterize” the homes of Maine’s neediest citizens, low
income senior and disabled homeowners. Volunteers install energy conservation and efficiency products to reduce energy usage and energy bills and
to improve comfort.

As part of NERT's ongoing local outreach program, volunteers participate in Maine's "Keep ME Warm" program. We would like to thank all of the
volunteers who came out in support of the state sponsored program that helps winterize the homes of low income families and the elderly. There are
so many people in this state living in need and so many elderly that are living on fixed incomes.

It certainly was an eye-opening experience for us to walk into the lives of people whose homes have aged with time and the elements. NERT was able
to send out 6 teams we were blessed to have been able to serve our community and for a brief moment give of ourselves, our time and our abilities to
those who would teach us so many lessons.